how to mine kaspa

Ghost DAG is a new and innovative approach to blockchain technology that aims to increase transaction speed and reduce network congestion. Kaspa is gaining popularity; however, this trend may only continue for a while, as is often the case with other speculative mining coins. It is important to note that mining cryptocurrencies can be a complex and time-consuming process, and it may not be profitable for everyone. You should carefully consider the costs and risks involved before investing in mining equipment and starting to mine Kaspa Coin. It is also important to keep up to date with the latest news and developments in the Kaspa Coin ecosystem. This makes Kaspa much faster than Bitcoin and other PoW cryptocurrencies, and it also uses far less power.

The first miner to find the answer wins KAS coins. The answer is entered into the public log of all KAS transactions, known as the KAS blockchain. KAS mining is time-intensive, but it’s essential to maintaining the decentralization and safety of the KAS network. We made some tests with the mining rig made of Nvidia 3070 GPUs. We mined separately Kaspa (KAS), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and Ergo (ERG) and then dual mining combinations such as Ethereum Classic + Kaspa and Ergo + Kaspa. For each of the tests, we checked the maximum possible stable hashing rate for the GPUs.

How to mine Kaspa – GPU mining KAS kHeavyHash (Windows / Hive OS)

Fair launched Proof of Work mining with no-premine, zero pre sales or pre-allocation of coins, deflationary monetary policy and no central governance. Start by updating your Hive OS rig to latest version. Replace yourpool with the pool’s address and port you want to mine to. Start by downloading the latest version of bzminer, found here. Worker_name is optional, but we recommend labeling each of your mining devices with a separate worker_name for more efficient monitoring. Setting an account name will be required for configuration.

how to mine kaspa

Similar to ETH / ETC + Kaspa you can also dual mine ERG and KASPA. Run create-wallet.bat and follow the instructions to create a Kaspa wallet. Within the folder create create-wallet.bat and input the following command. Some prefer BzMiner for NVIDIA and use SRBMiner for AMD. If you don’t want to pay the miner fee and are cautious with closed source miners then you can use the open source Kaspa miner. If you are into CPU mining then better stick to mining CPU coins such as Monero.

F2pool distributes mining rewards on a daily basis to every user who reaches the payout threshold, which is 100 KAS. Start KAS .bat file or make a flight sheet on HiveOS / RaveOS. Keep in mind that configuring FPGA settings can be complex, so it’s essential to follow the instructions carefully. For additional support, you can refer to this video tutorial that provides step-by-step guidance on configuring your FPGA device for Kaspa mining. Remember that it is always important to mine the most profitable coin.

Start mining!

It is the fastest and a fully scalable layer 1 blockchain that is built on a Proof of Work engine. The heat it produces can impact the longevity and efficiency of mining equipment. A powerful cooling system, like a fan or liquid cooling, can be used to maintain the proper mining temperatures.

  1. Yes, Kaspa mining is profitable however it is only less profitable than other PoW coins at the moment.
  2. Use Kaspa Visualizer to visually understand how is it done.
  3. It can generate and confirm multiple blocks per second with no compromise to decentralization.
  4. According to the calculations, the estimated ROI for these devices ranges from 502 days for the Xilinx U50C to 1744 days for the SQRL Forest Kitten 33.
  5. Open it and you’ll find a section called pool_configs.

First we hope you have any of the above GPUs to mine Kaspa. Once you have the necessary hardware whether you wish to mine Kaspa alone or looking to dual mine you need to get a Kaspa wallet. By mining – You can setup a mining node or participate in Kaspa token by mining on a pool. Whether you wish to mine it or buy it do your own research first.

How to Mine Kaspa?

While Kaspa mining alone might not be profitable you can merge mine or dual mine it with ETH or ETC. Yes, you can mine Kaspa alone or you can dual mine with Ethereum (ETH) (not possible after merge) or even Ethereum Classic (ETC). Also because of the way the protocol works you can solo mine Kaspa. Even with a single GPU with low hashrate, it is possible for you to hit blocks. You can mine solo to your own node or to a public node. Kaspa is a new cryptocurrency that was founded in November 2021.

The mining equipment impacts the hash rate, or the pace at which the mining hardware can solve complex mathematical problems. Terahashes per second (TH/s) is the standard unit of measurement for the hash rate of KAS mining hardware. The likelihood of mining a KAS coin increases with an increasing TH/s rate because mining gear can solve mathematical problems more quickly. The network is based on the GhostDAG/PHANTOM protocol, which is a scalable generalization of the Nakamoto Consensus used by Bitcoin. In the opened BzMiner configuration panel, Set Hash algorithm to kaspa. If you run into any problems mining Kaspa, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team at , open a support ticket, or start a conversation on Reddit.

You can mine Monero and buy Kaspa or whatever coins you’re interested in. To overcome the scalability problem faced by other blockchains Kaspa processes all blocks in parallel linking all side-chains. It can generate and confirm multiple blocks per second with no compromise to decentralization. Kaspa was launched in late 2021 as a 100% decentralized community owned project. It is completely open source with no central governance and no business model.

Let’s calculate the profitability of IceRiver KAS KS2 using the 2CryptoCalc mining calculator. The KS2 hashrate is equivalent to 3,000 Nvidia 3070 GPUs, this powerful device demonstrates remarkable mining performance. Using the 2CryptoCalc profitability calculator, we can approximate the potential earnings for this device, considering the current rewards and network hashrate.

Open it and you’ll find a section called pool_configs. You can set the algorithm to Kaspa, wallet to your Kaspa address and URL to the pool you want to mine to. Go to and click create new wallet. Next setup a password and copy the 12 word secret recovery phrase. Remember to save your secret seed phrase in a safe place. You’ll need this in future to recover your wallet.

How to mine Kaspa

In addition, Kaspa uses BTC’s consensus mechanism, which adds to its security. Follow any of the guides above to set BzMiner up, replacing the pool url with the ip address of your node, and port number 16110. You will need to get a wallet address if you do not have one already. A Kaspa wallet address is required for you to receive your mining rewards. FPGA devices offer an interesting alternative to video cards for Kaspa mining due to their efficiency and flexibility.

On the website, you can find early articles about cryptocurrency mining, blockchain in general and mining pool operation principles. The readers gave positive feedback on John’s practical guides, such as building an Ethereum mining rig and Nvidia 1080ti overclocking. One option to achieve optimal results is to use mining software that supports dual mining and allows users to configure the settings for each coin separately. This way, miners can fine-tune their GPUs for maximum efficiency and profitability. Dual mining has become a popular choice for many miners, particularly in the case of Kaspa, where it is possible to mine two coins simultaneously with a single GPU. The most common combinations for dual mining with Kaspa are Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Ergo (ERG).

Click next and on the following screens you’ll be asked to verify the recovery phrase. ASIC miners, with up to a 100 T/H rate, are some of the best mining equipment for KAS. The current mining difficulty is another element that determines how long it takes to mine one KAS coin. The mining difficulty indicates how challenging it is to solve a mathematical issue. KAS mining difficulty is changed every few days to maintain an average block discovery duration of roughly 10 minutes. A powerful computer with an ASIC miner or graphics card is needed for KAS mining.