This is good, the candidate seems to get into the stress testing concept, yet they are not using any testing terminology to define it. When performing testing we should know exactly on which product or surface we are testing it. Test data is nothing but data that is specifically created for input for a certain test. The interviewer would be impressed if you can apply testing methods to the answer. Look at the below sample to understand it better.

test case for pencil

My credit cards are working on all of my stations except one. Trace the cord from the Credit Card Swipe to the back of the station. (If you don’t, the swipe is probably bad…call Team Howard support) If it still doesn’t work…try cleaning the magnetic reader. If you don’t have a cleaning card, wrap a moist towelette around a regular credit card and run it through the reader a few times. If it still fails, call Team Howard support.

Appearance, Ergonomic, and Usability Testing

Each box can house up to 100 pens or pencils, making them ideal for those with a more extensive collection of supplies. A snap-tight lid makes it easy to take all or part of that collection on the go. Since pencils are generally the most wonderful and favorite topic, I got incredible pleasure from this task. In the process of thinking and searching for information, I discovered a lot of new and interesting things, something that I was not aware of. Thanks for making it to the end of this tutorial. I hope by now, based on these sample test cases for pen, you must have got a fair idea of the test case creation process.

I will have to call out the BIC company for their incredibly awful website with terrible usability. I couldn’t find their flagship BIC product which was VERY frustrating. That’s another conversation for another day. As I was writing this paragraph, the word ‘Pen Test’ came to mind. As a tester we should test the limitations of the system.

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It is clear that the calculations are very arbitrary, and if you wish, you can make it more complicated and come up with more accurate criteria. The goal of the current example is not to accurately calculate the efficiency of a pencil but simply show that this measurement is subject to mathematical calculations. If you feel, we have missed some test cases, please let us know in the comments. These test cases cover the testing of the look and feel of the object to be tested which is Pen in our case. If it works as expected then then the end user can sign off the acceptance tests and the product is potentially ready for the real world. You then want to conduct an integration test where all these items are working together correctly as a unit.

Who would’ve thought that creating test cases for a pencil was so much work yet so much fun. You should also look at the performance of the product, how well it handles stress test case for pencil and also security. You might want to read my article on how to write a test case if you need some guidance. The expected result will be determined by your specifications.